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Composite Strap

13mm (W) x 1100m (L) Composite Strap
16mm (W) x 850m (L) Composite Strap
19mm (W) x 500m (L) Composite Strap

Packing: 2 coils per carton


  • Stronger than steel strap
  • Safe for users & receivers
  • Does not damage to products
  • Shock absorbent
  • Light weight & portable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Will not rust or rot
  • Weather and chemical resistant



Polyester composite strap are manufactured from high tenacity, strongest synthetic fibers embedded in a polymer coating. It is quickly replacing steel banding as a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly method of securing loads in many industrial application. Due to its unique combination of elongation and memory, composite strapping can absorb impacts and load shifting that would normally break steel. Composite Strapping is soft, pliable and will not rust, so it will cause injuries or damage valuable cargo, it is the ideal material to protect heavy loads as well as irregular shaped goods during transportation.

Benefits of Cordstrap

Safety : There are no sharp edges when cut, and it does not spring back like steel strapping.
Strength : It is strong as steel with comparable break strengths to conventional steel strapping.
Protection : It soft and flexible texture is safe on most surfaces. Apart from it it does
Cost Effective : It eliminates “hidden costs” of steel strapping e.g. tooling and repair costs.
Easy Disposability : As it is lightweight and flexible, it can be disposed easily compared to steel strapping.
Shock-absorbency : It absorb shocks better than steel strapping and maintain its tension when the load contracts or expands.
Low tooling cost : Tooling and repair costs are just a fraction of steel strapping tools.

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