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Carton Stapler


Model: AP3318
Made in Taiwan

1. Manual carton stapler
2. Large magazine capacity (100pcs staples)
3. Light Weight and Well Balanced With Magnesium Body
4. Accept meite 16 gauge 1-3/8-inch crown 3/4-inch length Carton Staples


The top stapler is the most common type of carton closing staplers and is also commonly known as a carton closer. Explicitly designed for fastening and securing the lids of cartons. It works as follows: The top stapler drives the staple through the corrugated material layers and clinches the legs under the carton lids to create a secure and robust closed box. Moreover, our top staplers give you the freedom to change the penetration depth of the staple, meaning that you can adjust it to fit your carton. The closing method gives you a quick, environmental, cost-effective, and the most secure way to close your packaging.

1. Write down the air fitting, carried out in the absence of power, so as to avoid damage
2. Select the desired specifications of nails
3. Push pull nails nail nails put into the groove
4. Return push nail

Hit the nail job:
1. Sources of air links
2. Align and place the muzzle against the work piece, and then start trigger
3. Do not runaway

1-2 drops of oil prior to use, maintaining the internal lubrication