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1,000 Litres New IBC Tank


External Size: (L) 1,200mm x (W) 1,000mm x (H) 1,145mm
Cage: Galvanized Steel
Plastic Container: PE-HD Material
Tare Weight: 57kg +/- 1Kg
Base: Composite Steel
Valve: 2″ DN50 screw Ball Valve
Top Lid: Vented
Filling Opening: 150mm
Gasket for filling: EPDM
Identification plate: 500mm x 380mm


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@Pack IBC Tank is designed for multi-trip transporting liquid contents. A medium duty tank is optimized for storing and transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid contents and able to withstand liquid density of up to 1.9.

A high bending resistance and maximum resilience combine to reduce any bulging of the inner lining during stacking and during transport. It also prevents the penetration of the lattice section into the container in the event of a fall.

Benefits of IBC Tank: Easy handling, safety testing, FDA approved, time savings in loading and unloading, reduces freight and storage costs, avoidance of unnecessary packaging wastes, environmentally friendly, optimal and stable stack ability.